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sage adj
1 having wisdom that comes with age and experience
2 of the gray-green color of sage leaves [syn: sage-green]


1 a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom
2 aromatic fresh or dried gray-green leaves used widely as seasoning for meats and fowl and game etc
3 any of various plants of the genus Salvia; a cosmopolitan herb [syn: salvia]

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Etymology 1

From Old French sage (11th century), from Gallo-Romance *sabius, from Vulgar Latin *sapius, from Latin sapere (to taste, to discern, to be wise), from Proto-Indo European base *sap- (to taste). The noun meaning "man of profound wisdom" is recorded from circa 1300. Originally applied to the Seven Sages of Greece.


  1. wise


  1. A wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; especially, a man venerable for years, and of sound judgment and prudence; a grave philosopher.
    • 1748. David Hume. Enquiries concerning the human understanding and concerning the principles of moral. London: Oxford University Press, 1973. § 34.
      we aspire to the magnanimous firmness of the philosophic sage
wise man

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Etymology 2

From Old French sauge, from Latin salvia, from salvus (healthy), see safe.


  1. A savory spice, Salvia officinalis, also planted for ornamental purposes. Scientific name: Salvia officinalis.
  • Czech: šalvěj
  • Dutch: salie
  • Estonian: salvei
  • Finnish: salvia
  • French: sauge
  • German: Salbei
  • Irish: sáiste
  • Italian: salvia
  • Japanese: セージ (sēji)
  • Neapolitan: sàrvia
  • Polish: szałwia
  • Portuguese: sálvia
  • Spanish: salvia
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sage (plural: sages)
  1. story of heraldry and valor



Late Latin (Gallo-Roman) *sapius from the verb sapere


  • /saʒ/
  • /saZ/



Extensive Definition

Sage or SAGE can refer to one of the following


  • Any of a number of ornamental and medicinal plants in three genera of the plant family Lamiaceae:
    • Salvia, a genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae
      • Common sage, a small evergreen subshrub; used as a culinary herb
    • Perovskia, a genus of seven species in the Lamiaceae or mint family, closely related to the genus Salvia
    • Phlomis, a genus of about 100 species of herbaceous plants, subshrubs and shrubs
  • Artemisia (genus), occasionally some of the species are called sages
    • Artemisia tridentata, Sagebrush, Big Sagebrush, Common Sagebrush, Blue Sagebrush, or Black Sagebrush
  • Leucophyllum, a genus of evergreen shrubs in the plant family Plantaginaceae, often called sages

Plant communities

  • Coastal sage scrub, a low scrubland plant community, characteristic plants include California sagebrush (Artemisia californica), black sage (Salvia mellifera), white sage (Salvia apiana)


See also Le Sage


  • Adriana Sage, a Mexican American pornographic actress
  • Amanda Sage, an American born painter based in Vienna
  • Ana Cumpanas (Anna Sage), a brothel owner in the U.S. city of Chicago
  • Angie Sage, an English author
  • Bill Sage, an American actor and alumnus of State University of New York at Purchase
  • David Sage, an American television actor
  • Ebenezer Sage, a United States Representative from New York
  • George Sage, an English football player
  • Greg Sage, an American rock musician
  • Harry Sage, an American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Henry W. Sage, a wealthy New York State businessman, philanthropist
  • John Sage, an English torturer
  • Kay Sage, an American Surrealist artist and poet
  • Leland Sage, an American professor emeritus of history at the University of Northern Iowa
  • Lorna Sage, a Welsh-born academic, an award-winning literary critic and author
  • Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, an American philanthropist
  • Mel Sage, an English former football (soccer) player
  • Parker Sage, founder and head of the American neo-fascist movements Black Legion and the National Workers' League
  • Paula Sage, a Scottish film actress, Special Olympics athlete and advocate of Down's Syndrome
  • Rachael Sage, an American songwriter
  • Rosemary Sage, an Engglish expert in the field of education, in particular the area of special needs
  • Russell Sage, an American financier and politician
  • Thomas Henry Sage, an English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Veronica Sage, an American adult model and a porn star
  • William H. Sage, an American Medal of Honor recipient

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Nestor, Solomon, ace, acute, authority, broad-minded, crackerjack, deep, discerning, doctor, doyen, doyenne, elder, elder statesman, expert, first-rater, genius, gnostic, good hand, great, great soul, guru, illuminate, insightful, intellect, intellectual, intelligent, judicious, knowing, knowledgeable, learned, logical, lover of wisdom, magician, mahatma, man of genius, man of intellect, man of wisdom, mandarin, master, master hand, mastermind, mentor, oracle, past master, penetrating, perceptive, perspicacious, philosopher, philosophic, practiced hand, probing, prodigy, profound, prudent, pundit, rabbi, reasonable, rishi, sagacious, sane, sapient, savant, scholar, seer, sensible, skilled hand, sophic, star, starets, superstar, thinker, topnotcher, virtuoso, whiz, wise, wise as Solomon, wise man, wise old man, wizard
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